Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting Ready to be a Grandma

My oldest is 23, lives two hours away and is about to become a Mother.
We have had the baby shower. They have everything they need. So where is my excitement?
I just am overwhelmed with the idea of not being there for my daughter.
I know she must be feeling worried and having some anxiety as the weeks grow closer. The phone calls are just making me feel guilty for not being able to hug my little Star Shine and give her a sense of security. She needs the comfort in knowing that she will be a wonderful mother and the delivery will be fine.

When is it okay to go visit? I want to go spend the day with her,but I have two other kids at home. I am going to upset my youngest for going during the week while she is in school. My middle son will have to help out with the youngest and he will understand, I just hope he doesn't hide her in a closet.

I was listening to a neighbor talk about missing her mom while she was pregnant and out of state. It hit me that I have to go Two Hours, I can do this.

By being out of the daily routine and not seeing my oldest daughter has taken a toll on me. I have come to realize that I do feel depressed that I am not there to hug my Star Shine and be her Mommy now when she really needs me to be there. My Star Shine will be out of work this week and I am getting excited now to go be with her soon.

Chatelaine Magazine has a 30-day challenge to better yourself. I chose to tell my family I Love them. I really want to be sure that all of my family knows that I Love them and want nothing but the best for them. This has really helped me to set a goal to help all of my family and myself.

I am going to be a Grandma soon! I want to show our little precious ball of joy all the Love and comfort of our family. Our family tree is starting to flourish and we will have to make some changes. So for now I will be taking a drive to see my Star Shine and give her support, Love and Hugs. Soon she will be a mother soon.

It really is important to travel to see family. GIVE YOUR FAMILY A HUG and say "I LOVE YOU" today.

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