Thursday, June 3, 2010

Felling like today is going to be a good day!

Got Through Wednesday, whew.
Finished out the day at Showcase Night. The school slams everything together,
science fair, orchestra concert, after school program performances, talent show, Outback fundraiser. My daughter had a blast and I caught up with some friends too.
Today is off to a good start.
Morning carpool: 6:30 surf pe @ pier, 8:00 Elementary #1, 8:13 pier (pick up surfer
and drop off at the high school), 8:30 elementary #2.
Home now and got the routine going, Thank you "".
9:30 took an hour walk with my friend, got the metabolism running.
Now step away from the computer.... Move on with the cleaning routine....
you can do it. JUST DO IT! Right? Right!
Big graduation party coming up, so lots of spring cleaning to do.
Tonight we have premier tickets to the KarateKid the kids are excited.
I hope we get in.
So now I'm of to the laundry room and bathrooms, oh yeah....

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